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Jose Sandoval, BMath, MBA Email: Telephone: 519 590 0624

I offer software development services and technical leadership for web enterprise development.

My latest projects have included Alexa Skills development, development and maintenace of large scale Java Enterprise application, social networking applications (mashup design and implementation--Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube APIs) for various high profile companies (Nike, Bank of America, Hyundai Canada, Hilton Hotels).

Special Skills

  • Java: J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, Network Application development (Socket programming), Jasper reports

  • Python, including data analysis libraries and TensorFlow

  • GWT, AJAX, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, Flex, AS3

  • Python

  • COM/COM+, MTS Development: Visual Basic, ASP/VBScript

  • Shell Scripting(ksh, csh, sh)

  • C/C++, Perl, tcl/tk

  • SQR

  • Operating Systems

  • UNIX: Solaris, AIX, IRIX 6.5, HP-UX, SCO

  • Microsoft Windows: 7/8/10, Vista, XP, 2000, NT 4.0 (Server and Workstation), 95/98, 3.x, and MS-DOS

  • Macintosh: 7.5.x, OS X

  • Amazon Cloud Platform

  • Google App Engine
  • Various

  • Professional experience with Classic Structured Development and Object Oriented Software Engineering methodologies

  • RDBMS: Oracle 8i/9i, DB2, MS SQL Server 2000, Sybase SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS Access

  • Professional experience with FIX Protocol

  • Published writer: RESTful Java Web Services.

  • Professional Experience
    Weber Shandwick - Toronto, Ontario
    January - Present 2019
    Software Architect/Technical Lead

    Alexa Skill Developer

    • Designed and coded interactive Alexa Skill application. Application hosted in Amazon's Cloud Platforms.
    Teranet Inc. - Toronto, Ontario
    January 2017 - April 2018
    Technical Lead

    Technical lead and senior developer for Ontario's online land registration system

    • Designed and coded automated testing framework to test hundreds of queries running on WebSphere server using TopLink mapping technology running on Oracle DB
    • Refactoring jUnit classes to fully test multi-tiered land registration system
    • Coded new features and fixed bugs in multi-tiered Java system
    Weber Shandwick - Toronto, Ontario
    Software Architect/Technical Lead

    Served as lead developer for interactive web project

    • Designed and coded supporting web application for live art installation in downtown TO (Manulife social marking campaign): GAE, Python, SMS messaging, JQuery, HTML5, Processing)
    JWT - Toronto, Ontario
    Technical Lead

    Technical lead of web application development project

    • Served as technical director for implementation of 5 Air Canada microsites into Adobe's AEM content management system
    • Gathered requirements and manage development team to complete implementation
    Commer Solutions - Toronto, Ontario
    Software Architect/Technical Lead

    Served as technical director for various web projects

    • Managed development team (based in China) to enhance Magento shops for various Canadian retailers (Running Room)
    • Implemented VISA Checkout payment option for Running Room's Magento ecommerce site

      Tools used: Magento, PHP.
    Capital C - Toronto, Ontario
    November 2012 - March 2013
    Director of Technology

    Director of technology for Capital C

    • Managed development group (18 developers) while designing and implementing solutions for multiple brands (Nissan Canada, ScotiaBank, Doritos, Bissell)
    • Formed part of the managing group helping to set technology strategy and implementing software development standards that work well with online agency creative procedures (code reviews, one click automated deployments, code repository migration to SVN)
    • Formed part of main pitching team (meeting with high level account managers)
    JWT - Toronto, Ontario
    October 2012 - December 2012
    Technical Consultant/Main Developer

    Developed coupon redemption web system for Mazda's CX-5 Test Drive campaign

    • Designed and developed coupon generator and redemption system used by Mazda dealers across Canada (French and English): web application generates PDF coupons to be emailed to customers upon dealer's request
    • Application developed for Google App Engine, therefore highly available and extremely low cost

      Tools used: Eclipse IDE, Python, Google App Engine.
    Brandworks - Toronto, Ontario
    October 2011 - November 2012
    Technical Lead/Main developer

    Main developer for highly interactive microsites developed for Nikon Canada.

    • Served as main UX analyst, working closely with design team to launch Canadian (French and English) versions of Nikon D4 and D800 professional cameras: HTML5 French and English interactive microsites that work for desktop and tablets (iPad), including HTML5 video functionality
    Tools used: Eclipse IDE, JQuery, SVN.
    Brandworks - Toronto, Ontario
    May 2011 - October 2011
    Technical Consultant

    Technical lead for's site redesign and optimization

    • Served as main UX analyst and site performance analyst
    • Worked with account team with strategy setting for future site enhancements
    • Formed part of the main pitching team for new branding experience of Cuba account

    Organic, Inc. - Toronto, Ontario
    Nov 2010 - May 2011
    Manager, Project Engineering

    (Full time)
    Manager of Software Development and Project Engineering for Toronto's Organic Office. Also serving as technical architect for Toronto's client solutions (Bank of America, Nike Canada, Hyundai Canada, Hilton).

    • Formed part of the executive group of the Toronto office that set strategy and direction for the company

    • Played key role in pitch-work, attending high-level pitch meeting and giving technology directions and recommendations

    • Designed and oversaw all software development within the Toronto office leading multifunctional groups (developers, designers, writers) across Canada and the US

    Equestrian Management Group - Caledon, Ontario
    Apr 2010 - Aug 2010
    Software Engineer/Contractor

    Designed and implemented online registration system.

    • Designed and developed registration system using GWT--complete solution includes a MySQL database system and complete online payment integration with Internet Secure payment platform.

    Tools used: Eclipse IDE, MySQL, Java 6, GWT with SmartGWT API, PHP, SVN.
    Organic, Inc. - Toronto, Ontario
    Dec 2009 - Mar 2010
    Technical Architect

    Application architect for Nike Canada's World Junior Championship 2010, and Team Canada (Olympics Hockey 2010) site reveal efforts.

    • Lead architect for the implementation of 3 different sites (; World Juniors 2010--Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr mashup; third under development)

    • Coded backend interaction for Flash UIs in JBoss's server (JSP development); maintained and enhance Flash AS3 code line

    • Thoroughly familiar with Nike's internal web site architecture and proprietary publishing system (deployed application and static content daily)
    Kitchener, Ontario
    Feb 2009 - Nov 2009
    Wrote RESTful Java Web Services book (published in November 2009).

    • This is a developers' title: the book covers REST theory and practical Java coding samples with the following RESTful frameworks: Jersey, Restlet, RESTEasy, and Struts 2.
    Concurrent development projects
    Jul 2008 - Feb 2009
    Director, Project Engineering

    Organic, Inc. - Toronto, Ontario

    Technical lead and application architect for Bank of America's InfoCenter web site. (Sept 2008 - Jan 2009 )
    • Designed complete application architecture of highly interactive information distribution center: application consists of custom CMS to upload Flash movies, Flash interactive demos, PDFs, and HTML pages (

    • Designed and developed Java backend services to interact with Flash components: rating system and emailing system.

    • Planned and managed full development process.

    Technical Lead for re-skinning of Bank of America microsite based on Ektron CMS. (Dec 2008)
    • Managed development process; liased with third party vendor to successfully integrate changes into live cluster (note: this was a purely tech-lead project, while managing larger project described above).

    Technical Lead of maintenance group for Bank of America's America's Cheer website for the 2008 Olympic Games. (Jul - Aug)
    • Managed on-going maintenance and feature implementation of social networking site: website and applications included blogging application, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr integration.

    • Managed, planned, implemented, and successfully launched exit phase for America's Cheer Olympic Games website (
    Tools used: Eclipse IDE, MySQL, Java 6, iBatis, SVN.

    Notes: team was spread across the US and Canada; helped Organic with interviewing process of senior developers for ongoing projects.
    Oct 2007 - Feb 2009
    Senior Software Engineer/Contractor

    Equestrian Management Group - Caledon, Ontario

    Designed and implemented Java desktop system: highly interactive Equestrian Management System developd using Java architecture, with Swing/JFC GUI, and MySQL backend.
    • System development includes architecural design and overall implementation of core system and new features.

    • Designed and coded system for optimum maintenance and extendability, using MVC and other software architectural patterns.

    • System is currently being used in the US and Canada, managing thousands of entries per show and keeping records for accurate accounting practices.

    • System was used to manage horse show in the November 2008 The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.
    Tools used: NetBeans 6.x IDE, MySQL, Java 6, JasperReports, SVN.
    Jun 2008 - July 2008
    Senior Software Engineer/Contractor

    Canadian Buffalo (Daltec) - Cambridge, Ontario

    Designed and developed extendable multi-user web application to support engineering work flow system for industrial fan manufacturer. System includes user management systems and aerodynamic performance graphing tool for on-the-fly PDF report generation.

    Tools used: Eclipse, Struts, MySQL, Java 6, JasperReports.
    MBA, Wilfrid Laurier University - Waterloo, Ontario
    Mar 2007 - Aug 2007
    Sabbatical (MBA)

    Completed MBA (concentration in Operations/Technology Management) at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario.

    • Areas of study included Operations Management, specializing in Technology and Innovation Management, Strategic Management, Marketing, and Investment Management (portfolio management).
    Mednet USA - Minnesota, USA
    Apr 2007 - Jun 2007
    Senior Software Engineer/Contractor

    Software Developer/Engineer designing and implementing Java Enterprise applications, using google's GWT and JEE backend (AJAX, Servlets, EJBs), and Eclipse RCP framework.
    • Designed and implemented extendable Eclipse RCP application to search and display medical records stored in Mednet's proprietory secure protocols: application support secure chat component and multiple record views.

      Tools used: Eclipse IDE, JEE, Instantiations's RCP Developer for Eclipse.

    • Designed and implemented highly interactive web application consisting of user registration system and full shopping cart application (GUI design and implementation).

      Tools used: Eclipse IDE, JEE, J2SE 1.4/1.5, JBoss, google's GWT, Instantiations GWT Designer.
    Sybase, Inc. - Waterloo, Ontario
    Aug 2004 - Feb 2007
    Senior Software Engineer/Contractor
    Worked as Software Engineer with Professional Services team customizing and adding new functionality to flagship online banking systems, including Financial Fusion Banking Suite and Financial Fusion Capital Markets Suite (SWIFT/FIX protocol implementation).
    • Software Developer for TradeForce SWIFTNet FIX Hub: assignment included maintenance and implementation of new features and enhancements of Financial Fusion's Hub architecture, FIX Connector (C++ client serving as bridge between SWIFTNet Link and TCP/IP FIX Engine), and GFIXLite trading web application.

      SWIFTNet and GlobalFIX are the P2P (peer to peer) infrastructure of secured trade-related messages for banks, broker-dealers, exchanges, industry utilities and associations, institutional investors, and information technology providers from around the world.

    • Completed coding of multi-branding project (from existing design document and in group of 3). I.e. Online banking system is now capable of assigning a brand to new enrolled customers; The end user's experience is customized depending on bank brand. Coding included JSP and every logical layer in a J2EE architecture.

    • Detail designed and implemented per item approval of business and accounts modification for deployed U.S. commercial banking system: designed Web User Interface using JSP, custom tags, JavaScript, and DHTML; developed components of every logical layer in a J2EE architecture adhering to existing framework

    • Detail designed and implemented new feature for existing Global Messaging system: new feature included changes of core J2EE framework and full integration with deployed U.S. banking system - Implemented same feature to core product, assuring proper thread safety programming and using the JavaMail API for external message delivery

    • Worked with Sybase in-house engineering team in general maintenance of flagship product

    • Worked with U.S. team in general maintenance of client's deployed system: J2EE development and team member in whole development process

      Tools used: Eclipse IDE, J2EE 1.3, J2SE 1.3/1.4, Oracle 8i, DB2, WepsSphere 5.1, P4 Perforce repository system
    Bank of Montreal - Toronto, Ontario
    Mar 2004 - Jul 2004
    Programmer Analyst/Contractor
    Programmer Analyst working with BMO's and Telus' in-house development team to convert existing BMO InvestorLine Tango web application to the WebSphere 5.1 platform (BMO InvestorLine is rated as one of the best online investor sites in Canada)
    • Developed web tier of Investing section using the Java programming language, following in-house development standards and completing the work under a really tight schedule while working within a large team - Sections completed included the following transactional products: Mutual Funds, Foreign Exchange, GICs, Equities, Fixed Income Products, Potential Stops Manager

    • Implemented the MVC design pattern using Struts v1.1 for the web tier and EJB 2.0 for the business tier (Tools: WebSphere Studio 5.1, J2EE 1.3, Struts v1.1, Oracle8i, Tango)

    • Communicated with development team through extensive use of UML
    United Airlines, Inc. - Chicago, Illinois
    Jan 2004 - Feb 2004
    Technical Developer/Contractor
    Senior Software Engineer acting as main Brio consultant to analyze, design and implement reporting Brio portal application and integration with existing WebSphere 5.1 portal application.
    • Designed and implemented executive dashboard (Sub portal application) - UI development and Brio Portal v7 customization: configuration of 2 different sets UIs and implementation of single sign on integration with Novell's iChain directory services

    • Integrated Brio Portal application with existing WebSphere 5.1 portal application

    • Mentored United Airlines's software developers to maintain and expand Brio portal
    1 Answer Solutions, Inc. - Parker, Colorado
    Dec 2003
    Senior Software Developer/Contractor
    Working with a Premier Partner (a Hyperion solution provider company located in the U.S.) building tools for the Brio8 Performance suite. Tools are being deployed in the following sites: Toyota Motor Sales, Inc (Long Beach, CA) - Brio is now part of Hyperion.
    • Designed and implemented (from specifications) Brio repository replication framework using the Brio8 SDK APIs. Framework replicates all Brio objects from one repository to any other repository: Users, Categories, Groups, Roles, etc.

    • The framework is being developed to be sold as commercial product and you can buy it from 1 Answer Solutions Inc. (Tools: Brio8 Performance suite and SDK APIs, MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle8i, J2EE, JBuilder9, JSP)
    Dec 2002 - Dec 2003
    Technical Developer/Contractor
    Senior Software Engineer developing Java Applications and SQR Reporting applications supporting Data Warehousing project.
    • Designed and implemented security patch for Brio Portal application: Java Servlet allows users to get static files reports (Brio Dashboards) securely via Brio Portal (Tools: JBuilder 9, Brio Portal, iPlanet 4.x, Oracle8i with JDBC, Java I/O and Servlet API)

    • Designed and implemented TCP/IP Client and Server Java application to harvest Brio services logs. Application is scheduled to run daily and is executed remotely via TCP messages - Application is driven by properties files managed through Web interface (Struts driven) (Tools: Together J 6.0, iPlanet Enterprise Server, Oracle 8i, Brio scheduler)

    • Designed and implemented PDF batch report generator: Java console application is scheduled to run through Brio scheduler Portal interface (Tools: Together J 6.0, Oracle 8i, Brio scheduler, SQR report generator)

    • Customized front end for Brio Portal as part of Data Warehousing project: Java Applet and Servlet using Brio's APIs (Tools: Brio Software Solution Suite, iPlanet Enterprise Server, JBuilder 6.0, SQL Server 2000)

    • Team lead for SQR reporting project: Analysis, design and coding of SQR bilingual reports (Tools: Brio Report Builder, Oracle 8i)

    • Team lead for Brio Architecture performance project: Lead Analyst of Brio Architecture (Brio Portal, On Demand Server) to increase delivery of reports via Web Portal. Achieved performance increase of 50% across the board, through Application Servers fine tuning (Tools: Brio Application Servers, Oracle 8i) Duration of project: (9 weeks - July to August 2003)
    Enbridge Gas Distribution - Toronto, Ontario
    Sept 2003
    Senior Software Engineer/Contractor
    Contracted to streamline and optimize distribution of existing Brio Dashboards within Enbridge Portal application.
    • Designed and implemented solution to stream line Intranet report distribution: Automated report generation of all employees to be distributed through company Portal - Improved report delivery performance by more than 300% (Tools: Brio On Demand Server, Oracle9i, PlumTree Portal, Brio Intelligence Designer, VB scripting)
    Inphasx Corp. - Kitchener, Ontario
    May 2002 - Jun 2002
    Senior Software Engineer/Contractor
    • Designed and developed proof of concept J2ME application: prototype runs on i85s Motorola Java enabled phone connected to serial interface to gather information and then connect wirelessly to J2EE server and store the data in a PostgreSQL database (Tools: Forte For Java 4.0 ME, Visual Age for Java)
    Commercial Design and Multimedia - Kitchener, Ontario
    Sept 2001 - Nov 2002
    Senior Software Engineer/Contractor
    Principal Software Engineer analyzing, designing and implementing high volume project tracker system (
    • OO Design of custom web system - Design phase included writing of functional specification from story-boards supplied by client, creation of Entity Relationship Diagram, Class/Sequence Diagrams, and recommendation of technology (Low cost, and scaleable flexible design were key). Tools used: Together J 5.0

    • Designed and developed entire system (from the ground up) using J2EE technology implementing MVC design pattern with the aid of Struts, an Open Source framework. Technology used: JSP/JavaScript, Servlets, custom tag libraries, JavaBeans and JDBC connecting to PostgreSQL DBMS (IDE: Visual Age for Java, Together J)

    • Delivered fully functional and fully tested web application. System consisted of: task management section; contact and user profile manager; budget manager, including payment issuing/payment history, and bidding process; scheduling, including Gant chart generated dynamically using Java 2D API; dynamic PDF reporting using iText APIs; and form/document repository with the ability to email from within the application using Java Mail APIs
    Kickstarts Corp. - Waterloo, Ontario
    Mar 2001 - Sept 2001
    Lead Developer
    (Full time)
    Lead Developer (promoted to Director of Software Development) in charge of Software Development of task oriented simulation software. I was also in charged of providing Technology direction for the company: Implementing Development Methodologies, Development Standards.
    • Designed simulation engine to assess prospect's ability of task completion and accuracy (OOD). Technology used: J2EE mainly JavaBeans, JSP, Servlets and JDBC (IDE: Visual Age for Java)

    • Designed and implemented multi platform Java 1.1 AWT Applet. Application simulated a desktop application suite consisting of: email client, word processor and library repository - Small size signature, easy of use and expandability were key�

    • Designed Entity Relationship Diagram for the application (MySQL)

    • Wrote functional specification documents for secure Customer Administration site (Simulation assignation and reporting) and Candidate site (Tutorial and simulation site) - Technology used: JSP, JavaBeans and HTML/JavaScript

    • Served as technical leader and project manager successfully delivering fully functional application on a tight schedule (Tools used: MS Project 2000 for tracking purposes)
    ePod Corp. - Toronto, Ontario
    Mar 1999 - Feb 2001
    Senior Software Engineer/Team Leader
    (Full time)
    Senior Software Engineer leading Software Developer teams to build Enterprise web application supporting the company's flagship product.
    • Team Lead for web development group (6 members): 3 web developers, 1 Senior Software Engineer, 2 graphic designers.

    • As technical lead for the web development group the following was accomplished:
      1. Successfully built site, and (10 Weeks). In charge of scheduling Developers time, co-ordination with QA resources (3 members), deployed 3 sites in co-ordination with the Operations department (2 members)
      2. Delivered fully functional/fully tested web sites (3 sites), where and are a full suite of web application, including reporting tools, and web management tools - Scalable design and easy of use were key - Technology used: IIS 4.0/MTS/SQL Server/ASP/JavaScript
      3. Introduced/Implemented Software Engineering Methodologies and Processes to the company's site building strategy, including: proper application analysis, proper source repository use, Web Development standards (naming convention, coding conventions, directory tree conventions).
      4. Introduced and successfully implemented Waterfall Methodology for Web Application deployment
      5. Mentoring of junior developers

    • Wrote and implemented Detail Software specifications for Web Applications (to name a few):
      1. On-line Reporting tool (version 1.0 and 2.0)
      2. Web management content tool (web publishing)
      3. On-line support form
      4. On-line resume submission with file attachment
      5. 5 different member sign up processes
      6. Affiliate Network sign up integration (bFree)
      7. Member Approval/Rejection process
      8. Secure session site (HTTPS/DB driven)
      9. Reverse Member Look Up (VB COM component/ASP/SQL Server)
      10. File Upload repository for Flash web content management tool

    • Debug/Fixed Java applet classes

    • Optimized and "obfuscated" (make unreadable once de-compiled) Java classes for small download memory signature on different families of web browsers

    • Researched and Implemented HTTPS (Secure Socket Layer on IIS) for Secure Web Site:

    • Integrated proprietorship web software with commercial e-commerce solutions

    • Effective technical interviewer of prospect developer/engineers
    The Toronto Star - Toronto, Ontario
    Jun 1998 - Dec 1998
    Internet Systems Analyst
    System Analyst and Software developer in charge of Y2K compliance of On-line publishing system of the Toronto Start Newspaper (Electronic version) and Deployment of v2.0 of Classifieds on-line system.
    • Designed, Developed, and Deployed Web based UI Classifieds system (v2.0). Used JHTML (ATG Dynamo Java server component) for the UI and Oracle 8i as the back end.

    • Analyzed The Toronto Star Electronic Newspaper publishing system (Web based system using CGI scripts) to establish Y2K compliance - System analysis of IRIX based systems.

    • Installed (from the ground up) and maintained SGI UNIX (IRIX) testing/development network - Experienced with IRIX 6.5, Netscape Enterprise Server 3.5.1, Perl 5.0, tcl/tk scripting, ksh.

    • Worked closely with web administrator to deploy and functional test NetGravity Add management system 3.5.

    • Developed test strategy (from the ground up) to assure Y2K compliance for publishing system and Ad manager (Netgravity).

    • Developed/Maintained Y2K Intranet Server Site - Automated testing environment, and defect reporting system (CGI Programming).

    • Developed and deployed defect reporting tool - Web Server dynamically serving MS Access database connections.

    • Coordinated and guided testing team

    • Coordinated programming schedule and fixed Y2K issues found during testing (CGI and Perl/tcl programming)
    CIT Canada Inc. - Toronto, Ontario
    Nov 1997 - Jun 1998
    Software Developer
    (Full time)
    Software Developer.
    • Developed and Refined UI Java front end of 3 tier application (SQL Server, Power Builder Back end, Java Front end) - Tools used: Symantec Caf� 2.5, SQL Server, Power Builder.

    • Programmed Java testing tools - Multithreaded applet to test load resources on Netscape Enterprise Server

    • Developed Web/Database UI using RAD tool (Tango connecting to SQL Server)

    • Developed/Maintained QA Department Web Site - Database Integration of defect tracking system over the Internet (Netscape Enterprise Server, SQL Server)

    • Developed and Designed installations for software packages using IstallShield: for power Builder applications and Java applets.

    • Secondary role in the design and coding of custom demo software for legacy system integration using SilverStream Java development environment.

    • Played key role in establishing Software Development process - Mainly Quality Assurance Process

    • Evaluated and recommended development tools: ShowBase, PVCS, Tango, OO Methodology tools - CGPro
    Manulife Financial - Waterloo, Ontario
    Dec 1996 - Sept 1997
    Tester/Business Analyst
    Business Analyst/Software quality Assurance of financial application (DiamondView Team.)
    • SQA Automated Testing

    • Regression testing
    Everyware Development Corp. - Mississauga, Ontario
    Jun 1996 - Dec 1996
    Quality Assurance Specialist/QA Lead
    (Full time)
    Lead Quality Assurance specialist of flagship products: Tango and Bolero web analyzer (Company bought by Pervasive Software.)
    • Served as Technical Lead of Quality Assurance of Web development tools

    • Developed and maintained QA intranet site

    • Managed Beta program
    May 1995 - Dec 1995
    Software Testing Engineer
    Contract Software Testing Engineer.
    • Programmed automated testing tools using: C, tcl/tk, and shell scripting languages

    • System Maintenance and System administration of Testing Machines (HP-UX 9.x)

    • HTML programmer: Maintained QA Group intranet site(Developed CGI interface to generate on the fly status reports)

    • Quality Assurance of UNIX Servers and Network monitor application

    • Managed Beta program - Served as technical contact for local high-tech companies participating in beta program (MKS, OpenText, Mitra, University of Waterloo)
    Sept - Dec 1994
    Jan - Apr 1994

    Software Testing Engineer
    Co-op Software Testing Engineer.
    • Quality Assurance of UNIX Servers and Network monitor application

    • Played key role in beta program: visiting and setting HP equipment at every site (trouble shooting)

    • ROM testing - Wrote and executed detailed test plan to verify proper hardware and software functionality


    MBA, Operations Management/Technology Management - Wilfrid Laurier University - Waterloo, Ontario

    - University of Waterloo - Waterloo, Ontario

    OSSD/OAC (Ontario Scholar) - Rockway Mennonite Collegiate - Kitchener, Ontario

    Professional Training

  • WebSphere Studio Device Developer - IBM - Toronto
  • Advanced Brio SQR Development - Stratford
  • Web Services and XML - IBM - Toronto
  • Effective Leadership - Toronto
  • True Colors - Personal Development - Toronto
  • Advanced COM+ Development - The Learning Tree - Toronto
  • User Experience World Tour 2000 - Web Usability - New York

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