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Java enabled phones

Last year (today is Feb 13, 2003), I wrote a J2ME prototype application with the following requirements:

  1. An i85s Java enabled phone needs to talk to a serial device
  2. Once connected, read information from the COM port
  3. Then, connect to a regular Web Server and store in a database the information collected
The guts of my application
The architecture looks like this:

How can you use this application?
Attached to any type of scanner (with a serial interface), this architecture can be used for anything, including:
  1. Payment verification for deliveries
  2. Inventory control
  3. Remote authorization
  4. Anything that needs anything scanned can be used with the phone
What else?
The fact that you can now open the doors to any type of enterprise application located on a Web Server or Application Server (Websphere/WebLogic) adds so much value to these gadgets.

More sample Applications
Network sharing searcher/downloader
  1. Search any file sharing network from your phone
  2. Once something is found, send a command to your home computer to download whatever you need
  3. Come home, and your files are downloaded
Email reader
There are already POP clients for any J2ME appliance.

Anyway, I think you get the point. Cell phones with a JVM inside are powerful tools.

Getting the Application
There are three components:
  1. The MIDlet (phone application)
  2. The Servlet accepting the request on behalf of the Web Server
  3. The EJB application running on the Application Server (Any will do: JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic)
The application has been tested and is fully functional, though no guaranties are made it will do exactly what you need. You can license a copy and use it as a starting point of your own applications (the hard part is already done).

For licensing information, email me (you'll get 10 hours email/phone support included). If you don't want the whole application and are only interested on how to do serial and HTTP communication with the phone, the source code for the MIDlet is here.

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